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You have permission

I just came across a poem that deeply resonates for me, and it may strike a chord with you too. It’s about giving yourself permission. The poem is by Leonie Dawson and here it is… Today, and everyday, you have permission. You have permission. You have permission to say no to demands on your time that don’t light you […]

How to Embrace Uncertainty

Recently, my life has been in flux with lots of uncertainty. I gave my 30 days notice at the ranch where I live and work and I don’t know where I’m moving yet. It’s the right decision, to move on. My intuition had been telling me to do it for months yet I was paralyzed […]

How to Meditate in 7 Simple Steps

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” Lao Tzu Horses live in the present moment. They aren’t worried about the fight they had with their spouse yesterday, or what the weather […]

How to Declutter and Bring More Joy into your Life

You know what feels good? Decluttering. Last night I cleared out 4 large drawers under my Ikea bed and here’s the result (Charley supervises while Namo sleeps peacefully in the background)… In the pile are 46 items I’m giving away and that does NOT include the tattered clothes I’m throwing out. 46 items I haven’t used […]

Back in the dating saddle

I’m a 33 year old woman. I live in a chicken coop turned cozy cottage (see pics below). I have two horses named Detail and Playboy, one dog named Namo, and one cat named Charley. I love to ride horses and help people. I like open spaces and feeling free. I like being myself. Wow, […]

Join me on a road trip today to…

It’s Arizona or bust. Today, I’m embarking on one of my favorite trips…a road trip to Tucson, Arizona where my ultimate destination is White Stallion Ranch where I’m leading the UNBRIDLED Retreat. I love a good road trip. Do you like road trips too? There’s something about being on the open road with the windows down blasting Steppenwolf, Taylor Swift […]

My three minute public speech in SILENCE

Imagine standing in front of a room of people for three minutes and saying absolutely nothing. Just standing there. Making eye contact. Breathing. Connecting. No words. This is what I signed up to do, yes, paid for, in a class I attended called Soul Speaks. Throughout the class, each person has three individual turns to stand […]