Beyond the Arena is 8! (and 8 things I’ve learned)

Seven years ago, I received my coaching certification and Beyond the Arena began!

As I start my eighth year in business, I’m reflecting on the wild ride and fulfilling journey it’s been to work with over 1,000 people from all walks of life…

* divorced women in mid-life awakening
* teenage boys being bullied at school (and not able to open up in traditional therapy)
* disgruntled employees at corporate jobs who dream of owning their own businesses
* college students trying to figure out their career paths
* Wells Fargo executives needing team-building and leadership skills
* adolescent girls in recovery from sex trafficking seeking trust and self-acceptance
* retired women who want to rediscover their next chapters/true passions
* a well-known trumpet player learning to live with Parkinson’s
* and many more…

Even though all these people experience different challenges, there’s a common thread:

Everyone’s seeking connection and self-compassion, and the secret is through vulnerability and courage.

What helps you unlock vulnerability and courage? Connecting with horses. These magnificent animals help you turn the key, and it’s something I’ve witnessed 1,000+ times the past seven years.

Here’s what else I’ve discovered since making the leap to do what I LOVE:

1. Experience is the best teacher.

Often people take a Ready, Aim, Aim, Aim approach with their dreams. They’re afraid to fire because they fear the unknown. However…

“Clarity comes from engagement, not thought,” says Marie Forleo.

Start before you’re ready and you’ll figure it out as you go. (I’m still doing this — even years later.)

2. Mistakes are inevitable. The more you make, the faster you’ll learn!

I’ll never forget leading my first women’s group. I spent months advertising it, received positive responses from those who wanted to attend, and set up all the chairs in the arena with extreme optimism.

Turns out…one woman showed up. I was mortified and felt like a failure.

But I realized I had a choice: I could cancel the group OR give this woman the best damn private session ever. I chose the latter…

…and this woman went on to spread the word, attend every group thereafter, bring her company for an equine corporate team building event, attend two Unbridled Retreats, and become one of my best referral sources to this day.

When things don’t turn out as you’d hoped or expected, DON’T GIVE UP.

3. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

You have to live outside your comfort zone to create your dream. Staying comfortable and operating the way you always have will keep you stuck.

4. Become friends with FEAR.

You don’t have to be fearless, but you do have to take action in spite of fear.

5. Take the advice of mentors and coaches, and above all else, LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION.

6. Making the transition from a job to a career you love is possible, but give yourself time.

I had a full-time real estate career and built Beyond the Arena simultaneously for 3.5 years before I “made the leap” and left real estate behind. More in the video below…

7. Replace overthinking with ACTION.

Daily small steps are key. Take at least one action a day toward your dream. Make a call. Send an email. Create a flyer. Take someone for coffee and tell them about your idea. Interview someone who does what you want to do. One small step a day equals 365 steps in a year toward your dream!

8. Course correct along the way.

If things aren’t working and there’s no momentum, it’s OK to change things up — but don’t give up. Stay flexible and be 100% devoted and committed to making your dream come to life.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but it DOES happen over time if you stick with it!

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey.

To patience, wisdom, and leaps of faith,


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